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Rick Hamilton of Spirit in the Wind of Nebraska, prefers the traditional "Abo" method style of flintknapping. "Abo" , short for "aboriginal knapping"  describes the oldest method of flintknapping using antler, wood, and hammerstones, as the tools of choice. Flintknapping is the ancient art of producing arrowhead points and tools from stone, by removing small chips or flakes with percussion and pressure flaking, until the desired shape and thickness is achieved.  Some modern knappers today, use copper for tools, and also work from slabs of rock cut with saws. The benefits of slabs are a more efficient use of lithic "rock" material, faster production, and less knowledge of the percussion reduction sequence is required, as slabs can be knapped using pressure flaking only. While there is some evidence that copper may have been used later in the archaeological record, the "Abo" method is accepted as the oldest and most widespread. There are few true aboriginal flintknappers today.

Tutorial - Abo Flintknapping Techniques and Tools by Rick Hamilton

Tutorial - Abo Flintknapping Reduction Strategies by Rick Hamilton

The gallery of points below are all modern replicas made by Rick Hamilton of Spirit in the Wind. All are knapped abo (totally antler, stone, and bone tools using nodules and spalls)  .   My points are all signed with a diamond scribe or permanent marker to help prevent against fraud. We do not sell our replicas,
they are used for educational purposes in the quest to unlocking some of the flintknapping secrets of the ancient ones.


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