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Add a unique touch of class to your home or office, with limited edition photos from our Galleries. These striking photos are individually signed and numbered by award winning photographer Richard (Rick) Hamilton, and come with a personally signed certificate of authenticity.  Rick is a former "Nebraska Professional Photographer of the Year", "NEBRASKALAND" Magazine wildlife photo contest winner, "Kodak Gallery Award" winner, and recipient of numerous other awards.

His work has been exhibited in the Professional Photographers of America International Overseas Exhibit, the prestigious PPA permanent Loan collection, Nebraska Governor's Mansion, Desoto Wildlife Refuge, and Epcot Center in Orlando, Fl., to name a few. His writing and photos have been published in various books and magazines. He has also given seminars for a major U.S. Color Lab for professional photographers in the U.S.

All photos are taken in the natural environment of the subject. All animals are "Certified Wild". No models, pets, or zoo pictures.

All photos are 16x20 in. size and are personally signed and numbered, ready for you to mount and frame in colors that will harmonize with your own decor. Cost is $129.00 per print.  Shipping is $15.00 within the continental United States.  Please contact us for approximate shipping charges if you live outside the continental United States.  Click here to print order form. Please write Title of print along with the item# and enclose with payment. We accept personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks.

All images on this site are copyright of Richard (Rick) Hamilton and any use without our permission is expressly prohibited

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"Fall Reflection"
Canada Goose

"Regal Splendor"   Swans at Take-off

"The Wise One"
Great Horned Owl

"Sandhills Sunset"
with ducks flying

"Misty Morning Swim"

pair of ducks in fog


"War Dance of the Plains"
Prairie Chicken on lek

"Cozy Nest"

Great Horned Owlets

"Canada Goose on Golden Pond"

"Hiding in the Grass"

Whitetail Fawn

"Cry of the Hawk"



"Mother Nature's Art"

Frost on milkweed pods

"Hidden Hatchlings"

Canada Goose goslings

"Safe Nest"
Canada Goose nesting on muskrat house

"Swans Swimming"





"Model A"

"Windmill in Sandhills Blizzard at Sunset"

"Fall Mosaic"

"Secret Falls"

"Frosted Sunrise"



Coyote; The Master of Cunning

Impressionistic Fall Colors




Moonrise of the Broken Dream