Spirit in the Wind

Native American Skills Technology Workshops

Fun and educational skills technology workshops by Rick Hamilton of Spirit in the Wind, designed for hands-on learning. You will experience a true day in the life of the Plains Indians, while learning how they lived in harmony and respect for Mother Earth, by utilizing all natural materials provided by her, to sustain their survival needs. Flintknapping (the art of making arrowheads and projectile points from stone), friction fire making, cordage making, and identification, edible, and medicinal uses of native plants will be covered. You will construct a bow drill fire set, make an arrowhead, and also make serviceable cordage to take home with you. Rick Hamilton, your instructor is an expert in the field of Native American Skills Technologies and well versed in the teaching aspect of them.


Two Day Combined Skills Workshop....................$200.00 per person




The above prices are for our all inclusive workshops  and are available by appointment June-September. We can custom design workshops to fit individual, family, or group interests, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, Schools, Museums, and archeology field schools.