Our Plain's Native American commissioned replicas are hand crafted in the traditional way, by Rick Hamilton of Spirit in the Wind, to be as historically accurate as possible, for use by museums, educational groups, or as unique home or office decor by discerning collectors of history. These items are the end result of hundreds of hours of tedious research, re-discovery, and experimentation in the use of  the earths  raw materials by the Plain's peoples to produce not only functional but also artistic reproductions.  We produce a very limited quantity of high quality reproductions each year, due to the  seasonal availability of many of the all natural raw materials we use, as well as the considerable amount of man-hours needed to produce them in the tradition of the old way.  Organic as well as inorganic material is used to produce our own dyes. Real sinew and hide glue, wood and bone sticks for brushes, are just a few of the many materials that Mother Earth provided for the subsistence of the early people who had the knowledge to utilize them. This knowledge  is sadly limited to very few today, and in many cases has to be re-discovered.  It is our hope that we are helping to keep alive a small part of the cultural heritage of the Plain's Native Americans today, by making more widely available to the general public, our reproductions as representative examples of truly amazing art and function, utilizing only what the earth provided. Our reproductions come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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War Shield

A replica of a rawhide war shield thought to be Crazy Horses. Hand painted using a wooden stick and natural pigments. The men painted their own shields with representative figures thought to bring them good luck in battle

Arrowshaft Abraders

Abraders made from the commonly used Dakota Sandstone, for smoothing arrow shafts by the Plain's Indians. These were highly valued, and were sometimes put in the left hand of Pawnee warriors during burial.

Maul / Berry Pounder

A groove pecked around a smooth stone and then hafted with wet rawhide to a wooden handle.

Bone Fish-Hook and Yucca String

A fish-hook made from the toe bone of a deer, with the cordage made from yucca leaf fibers

Parfleche Bag / Elk Rawhide

An elk rawhide parfleche bag with an authentic Lakota design replica. Painted using natural pigments. Parfleche bags were used to carry dried meat and pemmican, and were usually made in pairs.

Ceremonial Parfleche Bag

A ceremonial parfleche bag made from handmade braintan deer hide. Painted with a wooden stick using all natural pigments, including sumac berries, and walnut hulls.

Knife Sheath

A brain-tan deer leather knife sheath, sewn with real sinew and painted with natural pigments.

Horn Spoon

A buffalo horn spoon replica

Bow Drill Fire Outfit

An authentic all natural friction fire making outfit. Our average time to an ember averages less than 15 seconds with these.

Knife Sheath

A laced rawhide knife sheath. All natural pigments.


An antler handled knife with an obsidian blade. Hafted with real sinew and hide glue

Lakota Arrow Replica

A replica Lakota arrow with stone point, hafted with real sinew. Stained yellow with the plant the Lakota called, "thistle used to dye arrows yellow."

Self Nock on Lakota Arrow

Cresting on Lakota Arrow

All natural pigment

Plain's Double-Curve Sinew Backed Bow

A hickory sinew-backed double curve bow, of Lakota design. This 48 in bow was designed for bison hunting from horseback. The sinew backing acted like our modern day fiberglass backed bows, to help prevent the short bows from breakage.

Rawhide Handle on Bow

Design Close-Up of Bow

All natural pigments used.

Omaha Bow

A replica hickory Omaha self bow with natural stain

Omaha Bow Side-View

Omaha Bow